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Wine Consultancy
Gryphon Brands Inc. is the only Independent Wine Consultancy in India .
Focus areas are:
Wine Appreciation courses
Gryphon brands conducts a bi-monthly 'Wine Basics' course in association with M/s Hospitality Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore (publishers of 'Taste & Travel' and 'Food Lovers Bangalore' magazines).
Customised courses in Wine Knowledge, Appreciation & Tasting are also organised for groups from corporate houses (Minimum 25 people per group)
Training on 'Understanding Wine'
Training on wine Knowledge, Understanding and Serving done for staff at hotels & restaurants - minimum 15 people per group.
Market Research
Reports and insights into the wine market in India, with details of:
  • Principal wine producers and importers, their brands and volumes
  • Key markets and volumes / growth in these markets
  • Market dynamics
  • Route-to-market, import duties & state levies in key markets
Customised research on brand, trade or consumers
Wine tasting
Evaluating the absolute & relative quality of wines using both revealed and blind organolyptic tests through a variety of target groups of consumers as well as experts.
Pre-project feasibility studies for setting up any of the following:
  • Import and marketing of BIO (Bottled in Origin) wines
  • BII (Bottled in India) wines: third-party bottling arrangements
  • Setting up a winery for either BII and / or wine production from grapes
  • Viticulture: setting up vineyards
  • Integrated project feasibility studies
  • Details about import policies & procedures, including customs duties and charges
  • Details of state-wise 'route-to-markets', including duties & taxes and procedures
  • Identification of importers & distributors
Gryphon selectively helps wine companies to market their wines in Bangalore, and would be extending this facility to other key cities in South India (Hyderabad, Chennai & Cochin).
Services rendered include:
  • Registration with state excise
  • Listing of brands with selected hotels, fine-dining restaurants & modern retail chains
  • Feedback on competition and markets
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