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Alcohol in Wine

Wine contains anywhere from 9% to 15% alcohol by volume, but the norm is 11 -12%, with sparkling wines / Champagnes having 12 - 13%.

In contrast, beers have an average alcohol content of 3 - 5%, while (in India) all spirits have a mandated alcohol content of 42.8% v/v

In terms of drinking (alcohol content):
one bottle of beer = 2 glasses of wine = one large peg of liquor

The computation is:
Alcoholic item ml per serving % alcohol Total alcohol
Beer 650 3.5% 23ml
Wine 200 12% 24ml
Spirits 60 43% 25ml

Of course, the rate of inebriation for an individual is affected by various other factors including: body mass, age, dilution of the beverage, rate of consumption, food eaten earlier / with the beverage, mood, temperament, etc.,